Launch Women’s Cricket Tournaments: T20 Format on the Cards


The Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) is set to revolutionize women’s cricket in Vadodara by launching its first-ever women’s professional cricket tournament. Vadodara, a city renowned for its pioneering role in establishing a separate women’s cricket association in the 1970s, has a rich cricketing heritage. Despite producing numerous talented women cricketers, the city has lacked a dedicated professional tournament for women. This new initiative by the BCA aims to bridge that gap and provide a solid platform for women’s cricket to thrive.

Reviving Vadodara’s Cricket Heritage

Kiran More, the chairman of BCA’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), announced the initiative, highlighting the growing popularity of women’s cricket and the increasing number of girls taking up the sport. “Women’s cricket has become immensely popular now, and the number of girls joining the sport is on the rise. Vadodara has a lot of talent, and it’s time that it should be tapped,” More stated.

Building Confidence and Skills

The women’s cricket tournament aims to empower women cricketers by providing them with regular competitive opportunities. More emphasized the importance of such opportunities for skill enhancement and confidence building. “We had been mulling to launch a women’s cricket tournament for quite some time. Organizing this tournament regularly will give good practice to the players who will be able to showcase their talent. The more they play, the more their confidence and skills will improve,” he added.

T20 Format Expected to Thrill

The BCA is likely to adopt the T20 format for the tournament, known for its fast-paced and thrilling nature. T20 cricket has become immensely popular worldwide, making it an ideal choice for engaging spectators and providing an exciting platform for players to shine. This format is expected to attract significant attention and support, further boosting the status of women’s cricket in Vadodara.

Vadodara’s Legacy of Inclusivity

Vadodara has a proud history of promoting women’s cricket, having established a separate women’s cricket association as early as the 1970s. The city has produced many cricketers who have represented India internationally. The BCA’s innovative initiatives, such as organizing boys versus girls matches in junior cricket, have fostered a culture of inclusivity and excellence in the sport.

Inspiring Young Talent

The women’s cricket tournament is expected to have a significant impact on the sport in Vadodara, providing a much-needed platform for young and aspiring women cricketers. It will offer them the opportunity to showcase their talent, gain valuable match experience, and boost their confidence. The visibility and recognition from participating in such tournaments can inspire a new generation of cricketers, ensuring a continuous influx of talent into the sport.

Community Support and Enthusiasm

The cricket community has warmly welcomed the BCA’s decision to organize a women’s cricket tournament. Former cricketers, coaches, and enthusiasts have expressed their support, acknowledging the potential of this initiative to uplift women’s cricket in the region. This support underscores the importance of providing equal opportunities and resources to women cricketers, ensuring their growth and success in the sport.

A Bright Future for Women’s Cricket

As the BCA prepares to host its inaugural women’s cricket tournament, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. The tournament is expected to attract talented cricketers from Vadodara and neighboring regions, creating a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. The potential adoption of the T20 format promises to deliver thrilling cricketing action and memorable performances.

The Baroda Cricket Association’s initiative to launch a women’s cricket tournament is a commendable step towards promoting and nurturing talent in women’s cricket. By providing a regular competitive platform, the BCA is enhancing the skills and confidence of players and contributing to the overall growth and popularity of women’s cricket in India. This tournament is set to become a significant milestone in the history of women’s cricket in Vadodara, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for the sport.


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