Maharashtra Governor – Controversial Figure in the News


The Governor of Maharashtra has been in the news quite frequently for his controversial remarks and actions. He is known for drawing criticism and creating controversy, and his recent statements have once again caused a stir in the state. The governor’s recent statement that Shivaji was an icon of the old era sparked immense aggression and controversy, causing widespread criticism and uproar among the public.

Shivaji is considered a revered figure in Maharashtra and is revered as the founder of the Maratha Empire. He is regarded as a symbol of valor, bravery, and wisdom, and his legacy continues to inspire many in the state. The governor’s statement, therefore, has been met with immense opposition, with many viewing it as an attempt to diminish the significance of Shivaji and his contributions to the state.

The governor’s controversial remarks are not limited to his recent statement about Shivaji. He has been in the news for the wrong reason before, with his July statement last year about the financial capital of Mumbai causing trouble for him. During a rally, the governor stated that Mumbai would not be the financial capital of the country if Gujarati and Marwari were removed from the state of Maharashtra. This statement was widely criticized, with many calling it racist and discriminatory.

In addition to his controversial statements, the governor’s actions have also come under scrutiny. One of the most controversial actions that have been attributed to him is the early morning swearing-in ceremony of Devendra Fadanvis amid the BJP Shivsena tussle. This ceremony caused a great deal of controversy, as it was later turned around and was seen as an attempt by the governor to undermine the efforts of the Shivsena.

The governor’s controversial statements and actions have sparked widespread anger and outrage among the public. Many have called for his resignation, arguing that he is not fit to hold a public office and that his actions are damaging the reputation of the state.

Despite the criticism and opposition, the governor has refused to step down or apologize for his actions. He has defended his remarks, stating that he was only expressing his personal opinions and that he has the right to free speech. However, many view his refusal to apologize or retract his statements as a sign of arrogance and a lack of respect for the people of Maharashtra.

In conclusion, the governor of Maharashtra has become a controversial figure in the news due to his statements and actions. His recent remarks about Shivaji and his controversial actions have caused widespread anger and outrage, with many calling for his resignation. Despite the criticism, the governor has refused to step down or apologize, defending his remarks as his personal opinions and his right to free speech. Whether he continues to hold public office or not remains to be seen, but his controversial statements and actions have certainly caused a stir in the state.


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