No OTT Buyers For The Kerala Story


This may be a story of three girls in Kerala, but isn’t it a story playing out across the world?


The concept of ISIS brides is not unknown to Europe, so countries like Denmark, France, Italy and Germany are really excited about screening it.

Yes, it released a week late overseas, but with three times the number of screens in 40 countries.

As far as numbers go, some people are making an issue over them, perhaps to divert attention from the subject.

All I can say is that it would be difficult to play 32,000 people in one film, though I would love to.

Telling my story, and that of my two friends, was itself a bit much in two hours.

We have addressed the numbers in the police station scene.

Talking of family, what was their reaction?

I had outlined the story to my mother before I signed it.

She thought I should do it since it raises awareness.

But after seeing it, she was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m numb!’

Several other mothers are thanking me, saying since it’s Adah Sharma, their daughters will see the film. And they have.

They are describing it as a women empowerment film because while Shalini made some stupid decisions, which has nothing to do with education or qualifications, she is a fighter.

She doesn’t give up, she runs away from the terror camp.

She’s a hero.


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